Meet the Pikselin team

We are a uniquely experienced team of designers and developers from Wellington. We’re passionate about what we do and are working hard to make Pikselin a creative icon of New Zealand.

Brian Smith


Brian is Pikselin’s Design Director and Founding Partner. He works with our clients, partners and creative team to bring great products and services to life. He has been driving the company’s creative vision for over 13 years.

Steve Barnard


Steve is Pikselin’s commercial manager. He works with clients, partners, creative and development teams to deliver on our projects. He brings to Pikselin considerable knowledge of software development and experience in ICT management.

James Guthrie


As a Senior Developer at Pikselin, James translates complex design and user experience requirements into accessible code. He has specialist expertise in creating real-time data visualisation and sophisticated interactive mapping solutions.

Aman Pilgrim


Aman specialises in creating dynamic user experiences, accessible front end code, customising Open Source Software, and optimising web site performance. He develops and implements modules for a variety of content management solutions.

Cheryl Browne


Cheryl specializes in brand development and integration across a broad range of mediums. Storytelling and purposeful design focused on creating accessible websites and web apps that give the user an engaging experience are her key expertise.

Ash Etchell


Ashley is experienced in areas such as back end server-side development, front end development using HTML, CSS and Javascript and database design, management and optimisation in open source and Microsoft based systems.

Eric Smith


Eric is a PHP Developer with strong experience in Drupal, Symfony and JavaScript. Eric is passionate about delivering value to clients by developing elegant solutions to complex requirements. Eric believes strongly in the value of clean and testable code.

Reece Woodley


Reece spent 18 years in the television business before spending another 14 years in management and operations roles. Now working for Pikselin, he provides the financial and administrative support necessary to make good business decisions.

Sonali Mukherji


Sonali is strongly motivated to be part of a project that produces truly usable solutions for clients and their users. Sonali leverages her strength at translating technical and user requirements into designs that deliver a refined user experience.

Alex Gallacher


Alex crafts intuitive user experiences from a foundation of thorough business and user research. Her strengths lie in analytical problem-solving and creating engaging and effective visual communication.

Selwyn Feary


Selwyn started Shift in 1995 to meet the exciting growth in the web. This has evolved into resolving very complex online communications through Intranets, Extranets, Internet, and portable technologies.

Tone Borren


Tone has two decades of experience in managing businesses, including positions as Managing Director of Telecom Wellington and of Alcatel New Zealand. He was previously a design engineer for Philips in Holland in the late 70s.

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