Meet the Pikselin team

We are a uniquely experienced team of designers and developers from Wellington. We’re passionate about what we do and are working hard to make Pikselin a creative icon of New Zealand.

Steve Barnard


As Managing Director – I work with our clients, business partners, creative and development teams to spearhead Pikselin’s delivery of marketing through to post development support programmes. With extensive experience in software development, systems integration, and a wealth of management experience within the ICT industry, I draw on a considerable network of industry contacts to consistently deliver outstanding, creative solutions for our clients.

Brian Smith


As Consulting Director – and Founding Partner – I work closely with our clients, partners and creative team to bring great products and services to realisation. Driving Pikselin’s creative vision since the beginning, my purpose is cultivating curiosity and ensuring excellence in our projects. Projects that span across web-enabled user experience, complex system design, multi-platform interaction design, and user interface design.

Alex Gallacher


As our Senior Experience designer, I make positive, astute design decisions to realise the clients overall vision. Working in close collaboration together, I encourage careful user research and push for compelling, intuitive user experiences. I create engaging, productive visual communication, add value to the wider strategic environment, and keep my eye out for any value-add opportunities.

Ross Woodley


As a Designer, I fuse creative ideas with design thinking to provide engaging solutions for our clients. I love working with people who are passionate and motivated about the projects they are working on. I have bettered the web experiences for clients both locally and internationally with a strong focus on UI, UX and Product design.

James Guthrie


As a Senior Developer, I bring our clients vision into reality, translating complex experience and design needs into accessible code. Leading the technical development on some of our most complex projects, I specialise in creating real-time data visualisation, sophisticated interactive mapping solutions, PHP programming and bring extensive knowledge of the client side development tools.

Ash Etchell


As a Senior Developer, I bring our clients vision into reality, delivering quality products and actively engaging with our clients – end to end – across the entire life-cycle of a project. Having worked across a number of industries, I bring to the table expertise in back-end, server-side development, front-end development, data visualisation, as well as database design, management and optimisation.

Eric Smith


As a Developer, my task is bringing elegant solutions to the complexities of our projects. An Acquia certified back-end specialist, I draw from multi-industry experiences during my OE in the UK to make competent use of Drupal, Symfony and JavaScript. All the contributions I make towards development are emphasised, and underlined by a strong belief in the value of clean and testable code.

Aman Pilgrim


As a Senior Developer, I make our clients vision a reality through dynamic user experiences, complex coding, open-source software, and web site performance optimisation. Day to day, I’m developing and implementing modules for a variety of content management solutions including Drupal, SilverStripe and WordPress. I also offer expertise in PHP programming, and extensive database design experience.

Amanda Slater-Hayes


As a Senior Developer, I give our clients a functional interface to suit their business needs and turn their desired look and feel into a dynamic product that will delight customers and stakeholders. I specialise in PHP programming using Drupal and Silverstripe, but also enjoy coding up the front-end to pixel perfection. I have extensive experience in implementing accessibility standards for government sites.

Sonali Mukherji


As Delivery Engagement Manager, I corroborate the smoothest possible delivery of our projects. Keeping the team on track, I prioritise Pikselin’s goals to guarantee the realisation and delivery of our projects at hand. I spot warning signs and navigate potential obstacles before they eventuate, communicating a clear sense of direction and purpose to help these projects along.

Lauren Monsanto


As EA, I offer experience in the development of IT, Corporate and Government markets, as well as utilising a solid understanding of IT administration in particular. Bringing also a depth of Customer Relationship Management; I ensure engagement with, and opportunities for our customers are brought to fruition.

Reece Woodley


Before coming to Pikselin, I spent 18 years in the television business and then another 14 years in management and operations roles. Here, I provide the financial and administrative support necessary to make good business decisions.

Selwyn Feary


As a Founding Director, I bring my experience and achievements in interactive visualisation and innovative thinking. I started Shift in 1995 to meet the exciting growth in the web. This has evolved into resolving and creating engaging, complex solutions for a variety of websites and web apps.

Tone Borren


As a Founding Director, I bring two decades of business management experience to best position Pikselin, and our ambitions within the industry. On the other hand, I also play an ambassador role as a Professional Director; representing Pikselin at a variety of technology forums, and other events.

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