• Client: Farm IQ
  • Date: November 2015
  • Roles: Discovery, Design, Overseeing Front & Back-end Build
  • Development partner: Fronde

Helping farmers make better decisions

Most Kiwis are well aware of the success that New Zealand's dairy industry has achieved over the past decade. A key factor in this success has been the sector's rapid adoption of game changing technology. Inspired and challenged by their rivals in dairy, leading members of the red meat industry have created FarmIQ, a programme designed to deliver innovative technologies to restore this traditional staple of our economy to its former world leading stature.

Comprehensive farm management

The centerpiece of FarmIQ is a brand new farm management application that communicates seamlessly with modern electronic animal identification tags to build a complete picture of animal health, growth and financial value. FarmIQ will provide farmers with a comprehensive and integrated set of online tools to help them record information and make better decisions about their business.

The key success factors

  • Powerful mapping tools

    We gave them a mapping toolset that allows farmers to track virtually aspect of their farm, even when their internet connection is down.

  • Catering for many

    We reconciled the conflicting needs of diverse stakeholder groups and catered for a wide variety of target audiences, ranging from small family farms to large corporate stations.

  • Game changing technology

    The sector's rapid adoption of this game-changing, innovative technology has helped restore this traditional staple of our economy back to its world leading status.

  • Mobile friendly

    Able to be used on mobile devices with or without an internet connection. This allows farmers to access their data in different areas of their farms.

FarmIQ – nothing short of a radical disruption

After a year of intensive research, design and development, a first release of FarmIQ was delivered to an initial group of farmers in early April. Feedback from these users has confirmed our belief that the FarmIQ application is nothing short of a radical disruption. FarmIQ has the potential to revolutionise this vital sector by creating value from pasture to plate.