• Client: Museums Wellington
  • Date: September 2015
  • Roles: Discovery, Design, Build
  • Product suite: WordPress

A museum makeover

Museums Wellington had just redone their branding in a contemporary style, and their website needed to follow suit both visually and functionally. It was important for it to inform people about the different museums and get them excited about upcoming exhibits and events. They also wanted to give people the option to shop online, not just to increase sales but to offer flexibility.

A lot more than just a new coat of paint

The new site was built using WordPress, which allowed for the use of WooCommerce as their storefront tool. This was a simple way of keeping maximum functionality at a reasonable cost. WordPress also allowed them to have a flexible, user friendly CMS. A contemporary custom design and a set of custom page templates were created to show off their new brand. The colourful visual style and promotional tools give people a feeling of excitement about visiting one of their museums, attending an event or just having a shop around.

The key success factors

  • Colourful and brand appropriate

    The redesigned site utilises the look and feel of the newly done branding materials which give it a fun, contemporary feel.

  • Easily accessible

    The site is now accessible from your mobile device, so now bookings and plans can be made from anywhere the user has a connection.

  • Shopping!

    Forget to buy that astronaut ice cream? Now you can order some online from the comfort of your own home, car or rocket ship. Ok, maybe not that last one.

  • Flexible templates

    The templates using a drag and drop type setup so can be easily edited by the client without them knowing how to write HTML code.

Flexible, profitable and fun

The museum clientele have been using the site much more frequently both because of its improved accessibility and the fact that they are genuinely excited about what's happening enough to share with their friends. The shop also carries those really cool, Wellington-proof umbrellas too (just a little fyi).