Back-end Development

Our experienced team create robust, practical, and secure back-end solutions.

Back-end development involves integrating web sites with back-end systems including content management systems, databases and web publishing software, plus using APIs, and carrying out bespoke development.

Our team has over 30 years’ combined experience in back-end development, including a range of content management systems, server stacks, frameworks, and development tools.

We’re also adept at developing custom software and tools when needed.

Techniques we use

Developing web site code in server-side languages

We’re highly experienced in developing websites using open-source PHP-based content management systems, and developing extensions, modules, and plugins for those systems. But we’re not limited to these systems and can develop custom software and tools for other frameworks. We use Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to develop a wide variety of features that enhance websites, including mapping tools, social media integration and data visualisation. We can also create bespoke solutions, use a wide range of languages, and work alongside developers with different disciplines.

CMS integration and template markup

All our back-end developers are also capable front-end developers and have experience in working with template systems.

API and native application integration

API and integration activities are crucial to many of our projects. All our developers are experienced in API usage. We’ve also got wide experience in working with bespoke APIs. We can consult on best practice and improvements for API systems.

Developing secure applications following OWASP and NZISM

Our developers follow best practice when it comes to security of information – both online and offline – and when developing applications. We regularly update software and apply security patches to mitigate against possible exploits and attacks. We have comprehensive security policies that cover our premises, personnel, hardware, and software. We help you engage with third party security and penetration testing services to ensure tools are as robust and secure as possible.

Case study

We used the Silverstripe CMS (running on a Common Web Platform instance) to redevelop the Environment Canterbury (ECan) website. 
We chose the Highcharts JavaScript library to meet data visualisation needs and integrated it into several different solutions.

We developed custom search using ECan’s Application Programming Interface (API) to search their HP TRIM document management library. We provided search and submission tools for resource consent applications and developed user-friendly back-end editing tools to make the creation and maintenance of content and data easier.