User Insight

User insight work helps us base our designs on up-to-date research about your users and their needs. That also provides a great opportunity for you to learn more about your users.

We take a user-centred design approach, where we test the quality of our output by capturing evidence-based customer feedback.

We see the web as a place where users go to complete tasks and achieve goals that matter to them. So we think about users’ unique behaviours, environmental constraints, primary goals and tasks, and about what tools, functionality and overall digital experience will best meet their needs.

We always confirm user research goals with you before proceeding. We maintain your confidentiality by ensuring any draft products are password protected and can only be viewed at the time of testing.

We strongly recommend you attend and observe user research activities so you can build empathy with end users and gain a deeper understanding of their needs. This helps your key stakeholders make informed decisions throughout the project.

We make sure participants feel at ease, in control and secure that their opinions and details will be treated in the strictest confidence. If we are outsourcing participant recruitment, we do so using formal agencies who pride themselves on participant and client confidentiality.

Techniques we use

Qualitative and quantitative research

We employ a range of methodologies to provide user feedback to clients, including tree testing, surveys, interviews, usability observations, focus groups and workshop presentations. Our outputs include tree test findings and recommendations, personas, journey maps, user stories as requirements, and usability findings and recommendations.

Channels and format

We’re experienced in carrying out user research in person, by phone or by video conference, which means we are technically proficient in circumnavigating any constraints imposed by channel. We test on a range of devices, prioritising mobile when it is the most likely device to be used for the product in question.

Custom analysis

We use industry tools to analyse findings but in the case of qualitative research, we also take a hands-on approach by writing extensive notes, drafting custom spreadsheets, extracting primary themes and mining raw data for insightful quotes. We then present our findings and recommendations to the project team, who evaluate them and decide which suggested enhancements to implement.

Ongoing measurement and benchmarking

Some clients value regular user feedback on their developing product, setting the scene for effective continuous improvement. We offer benchmark testing to provide this feedback. Benchmarking makes sure that your product performs optimally. While usability and customer satisfaction are useful metrics, we’ll also incorporate other relevant metrics as needed, such as analytics, system performance and speed of task achievement.