• Client: Medical Sciences Council
  • Date: November 2016
  • Roles: Discovery, Design, Front-end Build
  • Product suite: Silverstripe

Buh bye paper forms

Pikselin have worked alongside Medical Sciences Secretariat to redevelop and support their websites mrtboard.org.nz and mscouncil.org.nz for the past seven years. During that time we have transitioned their registration and Annual Practicing Certificate renewal processes from paper based to online forms, reducing overhead and cost.

Real-time updates, better security and accessible support

The website is built using SilverStripe and integrates with the client's custom database management software via third party web services, enabling real time updates to user information while minimising risk to data security. The rollout of functionality has been phased, including integration with online payments and SMS services, updating of personal details, completing online forms and uploading of supporting documentation.

The key success factors

  • Ongoing support

    Ongoing development to enhance and refine both the functionality and visual design of the site.

  • Less calls for help

    Reducing the number of help desk calls greatly reduces the overhead and makes the process much more efficient for all involved.

  • Annual certificate upgrades

    Annual Practicing Certificate upgrades that include functional customisations and enhancements to give the best user experience possible.

  • Accessible support documentation

    By uploading the supporting documentation to the website, it gives the time-poor practitioners easy access when needed.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Each yearly APC cycle provides the opportunity to enhance and refine the user experience, identifying pain points and working to minimise the need for help desk support. The website also underwent a visual facelift in December 2016.