• Client: New Zealand Defence Force
  • Date: November 2017
  • Roles: Discovery, Design, Front & Back-end Build
  • Product suite: Silverstripe

A single source for all things health

NZDF needed a place where their service members and their families could come to find information on all of the different types of health matters that they may be facing. It couldn't just be about physical health, it also needed to be a resource for mental and spiritual health, timely, kept up to date with the latest information, and give quick access to important numbers for possible crisis situations.

We developed a site based on the Māori 4 pillars of health

Mind, Body, Spirit and Whānau.

Our focus on these four core tenets gave the NZDF a way to help service members and their families from a wholistic perspective and provide them with a higher quality of care. It also allows the site to be a single source of information, where previously the users had to go to multiple sites to find the answers they were looking for. The site aggregates its content and sorts itself by the most popular topics first. It also encourages users to submit requests for future topics they would like to see addressed.

The key success factors

  • Discovery to design process

    This enabled us to understand the use and needs of the service members and their families. This allowed us to make all the design and content decisions based on their true needs.

  • Questions get answers

    A single place for service members and their families to find answers to their health related questions using a wholistic approach.

  • Getting the right help

    The site gives service members quick access to the names, places and numbers needed to receive specific types of help from the right organisations.

  • Accessible when deployed

    The site is accessible and mobile friendly making it extremely useful for service members that are deployed or away from home and needing information.

They asked, we gave

The site topics focus on what the different service groups told us they were most interested in. The site is structured to grow as more and more information is developed and made available. We’ve helped NZDF easily give their people the right information when and where they need it. That in itself makes the project a success.