• Client: Office of the Ombudsman
  • Date: August 2018
  • Roles: Discovery, Design, Front & Back-end Build
  • Product suite: Drupal

Accessible and secure

Office of the Ombudsman handles vast amounts of information, much of this information being of a sensitive nature. It was important that we set their new intranet up to be hosted internally to keep that information safe and secure. Another priority was that it be fully accessible. We've built it to be not only government compliant, but compatible with the majority of screenreaders.

Yes! A company directory!

The favourite section of the intranet is clearly the enhanced company directory where the staff can find out much more than their co-workers name, title and contact details. They also can learn a bit about that person's history, skillset, location and which groups the person is part of within the organisation.

The key success factors

  • Safe and secure

    Secure hosting and development onsite to keep sensitive information safe.

  • Fully accessible

    Accessible by government standards and compatible with the majority of screenreaders.

  • More images & video

    Ability to use more imagery and videos from their Youtube account make the site much more engaging.

  • Quick access to key documents

    Document quick links for the key document types make them easy to access, and to see which documents have been recently updated.

Easy, friendly and useful

The staff can now access their documents, find out what's going on in their organisation, get in touch with the different groups, enjoy more company images, videos and even easily find the person selling those amazing free range eggs all from one central location.